To Drive or Not to Drive…

Yes, that was the question on my mind today.  I’ve had my license for over 15 years now after finally going a year seizure-free and getting the doctor’s permission.  Even so, I still have to “police” myself as there are times where it’s best I don’t drive.

463632_4841661121129_861564970_o-2Today was one of those days.  I’d been sick for a few days…one of those cruddy colds that just wouldn’t go away.  When I’m sick, and haven’t gotten the sleep I need, the possibility of having a seizure increases so I decided it was best for me not to drive.


What Were My Options?

I had a few options:

  • Get a ride with my boyfriend.
  • Reschedule my appointment.
  • Take the bus.

As Frank had the late shift, he could take me to Kaiser, but he couldn’t bring me home.  The RTA stop is approximately a mile from the hospital and 1/2 mile from my house.  Usually this walk isn’t an issue, but I was tiring easily.  I called to reschedule only to find out that I couldn’t get in to see my doctor for almost 3 weeks and as I was in pain (not related to the cold,) I decided best not to cancel.

Somewhere throughout this process, I remembered Uber.  As Frank could take me to Kaiser, I decided today was the day I would try Uber for the first time!


Using Uber

That afternoon, I downloaded the Uber app and set up my account.  I also posted on Facebook to see what friends had tried Uber or something similar like Lyft.  A few had, in fact one told me to check for promo deals.  I found a deal giving me $22 off my first ride and put in the promo code on my app.

When it was time to leave, I opened the app, put in my location/destination, and within seconds saw that my ride was on the way.  Not only did Syed’s name and picture show up on my screen, but so did the make, model, and license plate of his car.  When he arrived, he had an Uber sticker in his window.

His car was super clean–almost as if it was new.  We chatted on the ride home.  Unlike a taxi, nothing separated the driver from the passengers making it a more friendly experience.  He offered me some water and I got to ride in the front seat. About 25 minutes after I made my request, we were pulling into my driveway.  Syed closed out the ride, we said our goodbyes, and I came in to rest.

Nothing to sign, no papers, the app took care of it all!

Thanks Uber and Syed for helping me out today.


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