Do you like to speak in front of people?

What if you were getting judged while speaking?

What if whether or not you graduated from high school depended on your Senior Project?

Today I had the pleasure of being a community judge at Valley View High School for the Senior Oral Boards.   VVHS Seniors are required to pick a thesis, research it, and do a 25 hour community project.   Then, they have to write a report, put together a binder, make a PowerPoint presentation, and do an oral presentation on what they learned.

I heard seven students covering topics from bullying to building self-esteem to scuba diving.  One student even made a solar panel as his project!  Each project was intriguing in its own way.

Why should a school have oral boards?

  • Give students the chance to:
    • Research a career opportunity
    • Follow a passion
    • Try something they haven’t tried before
  • Give students practical experience for the future including:
    • Public speaking practice
    • Technological experience with Powerpoint
    • Research experience

I remembered how scared I was when preparing for the oral boards for my Master’s Degree (and how happy I was when they cancelled them!)

Thank you to Mr. Harris, Mr. Harrer, and all the teachers who make this program possible!

And to all the seniors, at VVHS and elsewhere, congratulations on your graduation and good luck in all your future endeavours!

Share your experiences with public speaking. How do you feel about them?



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