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Finally, My Own Blog!

For years I’ve been having people tell me I need to start my own blog.  Now, I’m finally getting around to it.

Why a blog?

Well, I do a lot of things…most of which are related to epilepsy advocacy.  It’s been almost 29 years since I was diagnosed with epilepsy and a few years ago I took it a step further and founded an epilepsy nonprofit, Epilepsy Education Everywhere (something else many folks had suggested over the years!)  I’ve always been community oriented and want to help people out.  My blog is just one more way for me to help others.

What is on my mind? 

As you get to know me you’ll find out a lot goes through my mind.  So much that it feels like I can’t keep up with it.  You’ll definitely see blog posts about epilepsy and my journey, but you’ll also get business and nonprofit tips I’ve learned over the years, or just something that piqued my interest that day that hopefully will intrigue you too.  Having been a librarian…it’s all about sharing information!

I’ve overcome many things in my journey in life, and there is so much more to come.  Thanks for joining me on  this ride!

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